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[Service concept]
"People oriented, honesty is gold, customer supreme" is the company's purpose. Our company regards quality as life and regards users as God. The company will always follow the quality policy of being responsible for every process, every ton of products and every user, and provide all-round service to customers.
We always abide by the "customer-oriented, service-oriented, quality centered" service philosophy. In addition, we have set up a strong marketing network integrating sales and services. The company's new products and services can reach the market and users in a timely and comprehensive manner, forming a perfect product development mechanism and network operation mechanism.
First class after-sales service to create a first-class brand, the Division has been committed to the establishment of China's national hardware industry brand, to provide customers with high-quality hardware products!
[Service support]
1. Pre sales service:
Sincerely accept customer consultation, according to customer needs, free to provide customers with samples, to provide customers with various uses of formula research, and customers to discuss the best solution.
2. On sale service:
Accompany customers to complete the acceptance of products, the company sent technical personnel to provide corresponding training for customers' staff.
3. After sales service:
Solve technical problems for customers. If there is any problem with the product quality, the goods can be returned and exchanged within 7 days, but the secondary sales shall not be affected.
[Wholesale description]
Different quantity, different price, can contact email customer service.

[Freight description]
The transportation fee shall be borne by the buyer and the supplier through negotiation.
1. The transportation vehicles have supplier arrangements. 
2. However, if the transportation cost is high or low, the buyer must call the buyer to agree to a reasonable price, and the supplier will arrange for loading and delivery!
Showa will do everything we can for your sake. Showa people are convinced that: Dedicating a sincere heart to you will also get a sincere return!

[We promise]
1. All products we sell can be returned and exchanged within 7 days from the date of receipt by the user, but the secondary sales shall not be affected, and the original packaging shall be ensured to be complete. 
2. In the process of using the company's products, users encounter some problems, and promise and give corresponding professional technical guidance. We will reply and solve them within 24 hours.
3. The user can consult the technical problems of the product through the after-sales telephone, and can get a clear solution.
4. In addition to this, if the applicable national laws and regulations have otherwise clearly stipulated, the company will abide by the relevant laws and regulations.
5. Only genuine original products are available.
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