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Digital technology becomes a "weapon" to fight the epidemic, hardware exports are still trapped
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It is learned from the China Hardware Products Industry Association that with the gradual and effective control of the domestic new crown epidemic, the current resumption rate of leading companies in the domestic hardware industry has reached 100%, and the resumption rate has exceeded 90%. Enterprises are using information, digital, and intelligent technologies. Started to explore new online marketing methods and achieved effective results, and production capacity has basically returned to normal levels. However, the export market is affected by the spread of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the situation remains grim.

"Some of the changes brought about by the epidemic will continue in the future. The hardware industry must continue to integrate industrialization and informatization to achieve a full range of digital transformations in R&D, design, production, marketing, management, and services. "Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, said in an interview with reporters.

Apply digital technology to respond to crises

Under the epidemic, the digital economy has been put on a more important position, and the deep integration of online and offline development has become the consensus of the hardware industry. The accelerated application of digital technologies such as "cloud shopping" has become an anti-epidemic "weapon" for enterprises in most industries, and has become a new economic growth point.

Faced with the rise of digital "home" consumption, Wanhe has increased its marketing efforts on major e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Tmall and Suning.com. According to Ye Yuanzhang, executive director of the Gas Appliance Branch of China Hardware Products Association and chairman of Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd., during the epidemic, Wanhe explored new social e-commerce models through Douyin and Weibo, and made every effort to promote the'online micro mall +The new retail model of “physical stores” realizes the digitalization of people, goods and markets; in the past two months, the online live sales activities of “home shopping, tens of thousands of people” in the national sales area have been held 126 Realized sales of more than 60 million yuan.

"The proportion of the company's online marketing business is gradually increasing." Ye Yuanzhang said that in the future, Wanhe will use social e-commerce as a lever and users as the core, and is committed to opening up online and offline two scenarios, and accelerating Internet marketing to sales. , The closed loop of service realizes the integration of both ends. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the process of employee online, product online, customer online, and management online in traditional enterprises to help traditional enterprises gradually transition from channel operation and store operation to user operation, improve enterprise operation efficiency, expand enterprise user base, and reduce offline fluctuations The impact on business operations.

"Enterprises should start from building a digital system to empowering every front-line employee." Mao Zhongqun, chairman of the China Hardware Association Range Hood Branch and chairman and president of Fangtai Group, also introduced to reporters the digital anti-epidemic experience that can be used as a reference for the industry. During the epidemic, it is facing the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions in the large home appliance industry. Fangtai first released new products with a brand-new audio-visual experience through the latest form of online press conferences urgently. Subsequently, Fangtai launched a series of short videos such as Anxin Kitchen/Healthy Kitchen, conducted online training for kitchen appliance consultants and distributors, launched a Douyin interactive game challenge and other activities through a variety of online marketing methods. Distance and achieved good sales performance.

In addition, Mao Zhongqun said that Fangtai will continue to upgrade the entire intelligent manufacturing process with digital technology. Previously, Fangtai’s various operating and management resources were managed by different information systems, and the lack of efficient and unified integrated management methods led to problems such as long production and manufacturing processes. In recent years, through digital technology, Fangtai has made great progress in solving the above problems, which will enhance Fangtai's full-process collaborative manufacturing capabilities.

"In order to welcome the next wave of market sales, we should practice our internal skills in advance. During the epidemic, the company will focus on developing e-commerce channels and develop products of different grades for differentiated consumer groups; physical stores are trying to place orders on APP and deliver goods. Door-to-door services." said Li Ji, executive chairman of the Daily Hardware Branch of China Hardware Products Association and chairman of Yangjiang Eighteen Group Company.

Leading enterprises take multiple countermeasures to deal with the foreign trade environment

The international market is an important part of the huge production capacity of China's hardware. With the continuous spread of overseas epidemics, traditional hardware products represented by tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, etc., have large production capacity and large exports, and are affected by the spread of overseas epidemics. As a result, there has been a significant decline in export data, and companies have generally encountered the situation of no orders or order cancellations. Facing the current difficulties, leading companies in the hardware industry have proposed a number of countermeasures.

"In view of the current foreign trade situation, one is to increase risk awareness and risk prevention awareness. Risk control is more important than clearing inventory and ensuring sales. The second is to pay more attention to maintaining close contact with customers. Use flexible communication methods, such as with customers Online conference calls and remote video inspections ensure the smooth progress of business and projects. The third is to sort out market information, customer information, and product information in a timely manner, sort out existing markets, and do a good job of market planning to meet possible economic recovery. Fourth, facing overseas customers, we must provide good customer service, provide epidemic prevention assistance, and share anti-epidemic experience." said Kong Linglei, vice chairman of the Construction Hardware Branch of China Hardware Products Association and chairman of the Board of Meide Group.

"We need to see new opportunities to win more customers." Kong Linglei also pointed out that China's overall system advantages during the epidemic will attract foreign businessmen to trade with Chinese companies. Some foreign companies that were on the edge of trade in the past and only sourced within their own countries may increase trade in the Chinese market due to risk aversion after the epidemic.

Among the five countermeasures proposed by Li Jihui, there is a need to establish crisis awareness and carry out risk classification management for undelivered orders. It is necessary to strengthen the collaborative communication with customers, and keep abreast of customer information and its changes in a timely manner. It is necessary to monitor the development and changes of the world epidemic every day to understand the status quo of countries in a timely manner, make necessary adjustments to orders, and do everything possible to reduce business risks. It is also necessary to increase research and development efforts, launch more new products to target customers in low- and medium-risk areas, and look for business opportunities and breakthroughs in the crisis. In addition, it is necessary to appropriately develop some new products for Europe and the United States as reserves to wait for the European and American market demand to explode.

"In the face of temporary difficulties in the recovery of foreign trade business. Enterprises in the industry should quickly adjust their product structure and prioritize domestic sales in production arrangements. At the same time, they need to practice internal skills, innovate products, reduce costs, improve quality, always pay attention to the situation, and control foreign trade risks." Said Chen Helin, chairman of the Cooking Appliance Branch of China Hardware Association and chairman of Zhejiang Aishida Electric Co., Ltd.

Still looking forward to more policy support during the recovery period

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a series of practical measures have been put forward from the central to the local level to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic development, helping enterprises to go lightly in the resumption of work and production. These measures have strongly supported business groups in adversity. However, in the face of the next stage of recovery and adjustment, companies are still generally facing financial pressures. Many heads of industry companies told reporters that they still hope to get more policy support from the government during the recovery period.

In the targeted demands made by Kong Linglei, in addition to extending the time limit of the policy that has been implemented to reduce free fees, he also hopes that the government will further increase the preferential power of electricity tariffs, establish production reserve subsidies for export enterprises, and further increase export credit insurance subsidies, reduce or reduce Provide policy support for port fees.

Shen Guoqiang, chairman of the Sanitary Ware Branch of China Hardware Association and chairman of Ningbo Amico Copper Valve Co., Ltd., told reporters that he hopes the government will increase the development of new projects, promote enterprise development and stabilize the economy by expanding domestic demand. "To solve the problem fundamentally, taxes must be reduced, so that enterprises have room and motivation for development." Shen Guoqiang emphasized.

Among Chen Helin's suggestions, he hopes to introduce more policies that benefit the people to boost consumer confidence; appropriately introduce more preferential subsidies and tax reduction policies to further help companies solve the current problems of excessive costs.

Li Jihui said that he hopes that the government will strengthen the notification of the epidemic situation and economic conditions of foreign countries, so that companies can fully understand the foreign situation, and provide appropriate subsidies for corporate loan interest and leased warehouse rents, so as to further reduce the burden on companies.

At the same time, the heads of multi-industry enterprises also told reporters that although they look forward to more support from the government, they do not expect policy concessions to give enterprises a non-destructive body. If the country is rescued, enterprises need to help themselves. "We must strengthen our awareness of self-protection and avoid trade disputes. We will continue to provide new products to help customers expand the market and insist on operating with integrity." said Yu Xingjiang, chairman of China Hardware Association Tool Hardware Branch and chairman of Wendeng Weili Tools Group Co., Ltd.

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